At times darksome and dancey, but mostly introspective, gripping and moony, Marva Von Theo find their way through the dark synth music to twilight electro pop, representing a multi-layered work of innovative and compelling songwriting with expressive vocals and refined orchestration. Their sounds, melodies, rhythms and aesthetics cover a wide, contradictory spectrum, infused with their very own, distinctive vocabulary. Away from the old-school and the previous dogmas, they feel free to experiment, to take risks as artists and define themselves within the vast world of what is broadly called pop music.

Marva Von Theo sound futuristic, fierce, passionate, restless, noisy, risky, sophisticated, fragile, melancholic, darkly romantic, sensitive.

Formed in 2017 by Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis, two classically trained musicians, driven by their experimental nature and passion to indulge in diverse genres of music. Marva is a classical pianist and has a background in jazz singing while Theo, apart from being a classical and jazz pianist, he is a Contemporary and Electroacoustic Composer, having graduated from University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, and having written several pieces for orchestra and music ensembles.

Even though Theo Foinidis was living in Vienna and Marva Voulgari in Athens at that time, they soon found themselves drifting into an intensive storm of creativity, which led to their full-length Debut Album “Dream within a Dream”. It was the relocation of Theo in Athens soon after that made it easier for the band to evolve further.

Their Debut Album “Dream within a Dream”, was self-released in 2018, followed by Its vinyl edition via Shades of Sound/Wave Records (BR) in 2019. Their highly acclaimed singles ‘Embrace this Madness’ (2019), ‘Forever’ (2020), ‘Ruins’ (2020)  and ‘Love’ (2021) paved the way for their second album ‘Afterglow’ (Shades of Sound/Wave Records, February 2021).

They have performed in various venues and festivals, such as Linecheck Festival (IT), Athens Music Week (GR), TedEx, Athens Digital Arts Festival but also as the opening act for Hooverphonic (BE), Motorama (RU) & Molly Nillson (DE).