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“MVT is in that edgy tribe which develops musical and artistic novelties and who are not afraid at all to blend their songs with various elements away from the old-school and the previous dogmas. […] they are the modern synthwave pioneers among a handful of others too who simply and so proudly release the one anthemic album after the other”

Mike D. | The Record Stache, Florida (US)

“Dark, sophisticated electronic pop forms the foundation of their sound, moody and emotionally resonant, fronted by vocals that are drenched with smoky, yearning passion.”

Analogue Trash | UK

“At times darksome and dancey (Secret Lover/ Perfect Sync), but mostly introspective, gripping and moony (Unconcern / What Is It About You Me That You Love / Silk). From darkwave (Somebody New) to twilight electro pop (Fame And Gold / Reaching The Stars) Overall a multi-layered work of innovative and compelling songwriting blessed with Marva Voulgari‘ impressive vox. “

Turn Up the Volume (Belgium)

“The least I can say is that this duo doesn’t deal with a cheap emulation of an electronic established music style and/or band.(…) It’s an intimate approach revealing the beautiful and sometimes sensual vocals of Marva mixed with a modest sonic composition.”

Stéphane Froidcoeur | Side-Line Magazine (Belgium)

“(…) the Greek duo Marva Von Theo present an unusual mix of Cold Wave, Dark Pop, lyric-driven song with electronic wanderings. Melancholic features are dominant but MVT repeatedly succeed in conveying a rare diversity in their sound, by leading to seemingly modern directions. Many similar bands and duets may come to mind, but this “something” that makes Marva Von Theo stand out, cannot be easily ignored. Added to this, the complex structures of the songs as well as the flawless vocals that compose this exceptional music proposal. My pleasure.”

translated excerpt | Stephan Wolf, Sonic Seducer Print Magazine (DE)

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Afterglow (2021)
Dream within a Dream (2018)

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