“…Η μουσική του «Dream Within A Dream» μοιάζει να έρχεται από μια darkwave αποικία στο φεγγάρι…”

Δημήτρης Καραθάνος | Athens Voice


“The track “Dead in Berlin” has a pensive air, as if straight out of a classic movie, as Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis uncoil string inspired synths that lead the song to work its way beat by beat, moment by moment to an uncertain resolution; morally ambiguous but very captivating.”

Mark Buckley | Electronic North (UK)


“When listening to Dream Within A Dream, there is this sense of hopefulness buried within the darkness and foreboding themes that run throughout each of the tracks. With Voulgari’s jazzy, bluesy vocals, it is hard not to feel like you are falling into an endless void, but in a good way. “

Aaron Mannari | Lemonade Magazine (Seattle, US)


“This newest song, Dead in Berlin is slow and textured, bringing wave forward and allowing the listener to soak in the sonic-lines that we can hear, whipping through vintage and modern synth sounds. It’s as if you can visually follow the synth zaps. Piercing and painful vocals top this cake off…”

Synthpop Sound (New Orleans, US)


“A voz seduz-nos, a música é cativante, o todo conseguindo criar uma atmosfera particular que nos envolve.”

Nuno Almeida | Projecto Cellophane (Portugal)


“Il cantato in questa band è tanto elettrizzante e seduce letteralmente l’ascoltatore. Musica sicuramente emozionale, sentimentale e melanconica quella di Marva Von Theo, un trip sonoro che rapirà il cuore di tanti amanti di una certa elettronica.”

System Failure (Italy)


“Χωρίς να βαραίνουν από φτηνές μελοδραματικές εξάρσεις ή ζοφερές μουσικές κλίμακες, τα τραγούδια αγαπάνε το neon και την υγρή νυχτερινή αστική ατμόσφαιρα απαλλαγμένα από εσωτερικές διαταράξεις και υπόγεια ένταση.”

Χρήστος Μίχος | tospitimetaparaxena 


“…μας χαρίζει μία (επιτέλους) ποικιλία στην αρμονία και λυρικότατες μελωδικές γραμμές, που στέκονται στιβαρά πάνω από καλοφτιαγμένα τραγούδια.”