New Album ‘Afterglow’ via Shades of Sound and Wave Records out now!

We are excited to share with you that MVT’s New Album ‘Afterglow’ was released on Friday 26.2 on all Digital Platforms and is also available on white/clear vinyl and Cd on Bandcamp, via Shades of Sound and Wave Records.

Afterglow encompasses the more melancholic hues of life, those bittersweet feelings when something significantly beautiful ends, the echo of a beloved voice, the remnants of light after the sun has set. Love and its loss, sorrow, hope, daydream, and the determination to live, all these shimmer upon Marva Von Theo’s deep and poetic lyrics, which constitute the core of this album.

In Afterglow, Marva Von Theo contrive a danceable, electronic sound, shadowed elegantly by noir, moody, sonic palettes, an unconventional space that flows vigorously between Electronica, Art Pop, Dark pop, Neo-Synthpop, Darkwave, Post-Punk, Contemporary and Jazz.

The Official Videos of ‘Afterglow’


Love is such an empowering feeling, the driving force behind our actions and words, one that gives meaning to our very own existence. As soon as we allow love to grow, we also open a passage to the unbearable void that comes with the absence of it.  The composition is structured in four distinctive chapters: an emotive instrumental introduction, the melodic dawn of love, the fading light and the immersion into the dominant subconscious.


Marva reveals about the meaning of the lyrics:

“I am this person who constantly chooses changing her life and making new beginnings over compromising to unfitting situations. There were times when it became crystal clear that I needed to start over from a blank page and everything around me shouted towards that direction. There were flickering stars that paved the way and signs brighter than day that were impossible to ignore, an intrinsic desire and flame that could not be tamed unless I did start over.

However, what my risky decisions, mistakes and the numerous unexpected adventures I found myself in, taught me along the way is that there are no new destinations, no magical places where you can actually be freed from your past, unless you change your inner self. However far one may try to run, he will always have to face the same old mistakes, the same “ruins”. That’s what this song is about.”

The Official Video, directed by John Karabelas and choreographed by Antonis Sporidis, presents the lead singer delivering the lyrics with a preaching attitude, while the dancers’ Ancient-Greek-Chorus-inspired performance surrounds her and constitutes the embodiment of her consciousness.


Embrace this Madness is a ballad about the impermanent nature of happiness, the awareness that our dreams may eventually come true but are not meant to last for long. Embodying dream pop, synth-based sounds in a rather rusty, futuristic soundscape, Marva Von Theo highlight their storytelling in an intimate, cinematic way.

In this sci-fi ballad, Dreams appear in the form of modern nymphs who tempt the main character of the song to embrace her most mystical, sinful fantasies and desires, to taste everything she has ever wished for. Still, a melancholic, foreboding feeling that everything will come to an end at the break of dawn hovers above this dreamy ritual.

The director of the music video has envisioned this surreal dream in a dark, dystopian scenery where time moves sensually slow, wearing the lights of the Metropolis.


At times darksome and dancey, but mostly introspective, gripping and moony, Marva Von Theo find their way through the dark synth music to twilight electro pop, representing a multi-layered work of innovative and compelling songwriting with expressive vocals and refined orchestration. Marva Von Theo sound futuristic, fierce, passionate, restless, noisy, risky, sophisticated, fragile, melancholic, darkly romantic, sensitive.

Formed in 2017 by Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis, two classically trained musicians, driven by their experimental nature and passion to indulge in diverse genres of music. Marva is a classical pianist and has a background in jazz singing while Theo, apart from being a classical and jazz pianist, he is a Contemporary and Electroacoustic Composer, having graduated from University of Music and Applied Arts in Vienna, and having written several pieces for orchestra and music ensembles.

Their Debut Album “Dream within a Dream”, was self-released in 2018, followed by Its vinyl edition via Shades of Sound/Wave Records (BR) in 2019. Their highly acclaimed singles ‘Embrace this Madness’ (2019), ‘Forever’ (2020), ‘Ruins’ (2020)  and ‘Love’ (2020) paved the way for their second album ‘Afterglow’ (Shades of Sound/Wave Records, February 2021).

Marva Von Theo have performed in various venues and festivals, such as Linecheck Festival (IT) and Athens Music Week (GR) but also as the opening act for Hooverphonic (BE), Motorama (RU) & Molly Nillson (DE). More recently, they were nominated for the HEMI Music Awards 2021, a European talent program, co-funded by the Creative Europe program.