New Single: "Embrace this Madness" from Upcoming Album "Afterglow"

“Embrace This Madness” is the first single from Marva Von Theo’s upcoming second Album “Afterglow”. It is a ballad about the impermanent nature of happiness, the awareness that our dreams may eventually come true but are not meant to last for long.

Embodying dream pop, synth-based sounds in a rather rusty, futuristic soundscape, Marva Von Theo highlight their storytelling in an intimate, cinematic way. In this sci-fi ballad, Dreams appear in the form of modern nymphs who tempt the main character of the song to embrace her most mystical, sinful fantasies and desires, to taste everything she has ever wished for. Still, a melancholic, foreboding feeling that everything will come to an end at the break of dawn hovers above this dreamy ritual.

The director of the music video has envisioned this surreal dream in a dark, dystopian scenery where time moves sensually slow, wearing the lights of the Metropolis.

“Embrace this madness” is one of the two in total ballads included in MVT’s Upcoming Album, as “Afterglow” will be a more up-tempo, dance-inspired album overall. Still, Marva Von Theo chose to release it as a single to continue their storytelling from where it was left in their debut album “Dream within a Dream” and bridge the gap between their two albums.

The title “Afterglow” has several meanings and extensions relating to MVT’s work and personal lives and was used in its more melancholic hues to express these bittersweet feelings when something significantly beautiful ends, that being a relationship, an experience, a certain life stage etc. Marva Von Theo took their time with this album in order to dive deeper into each and every sound they contrived, to further expand their sonic palette, to redefine their vision, and to find the balance between pop and experimental synth music, between poetry and songwriting, between reality and dream.

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Music & Lyrics by Marva Voulgari

Produced & Mixed by Theo Foinidis

Recorded & Mastered at Artracks Studios

Video Directed by John Karabelas | Higher! Higher!

Cover Artwork by Barbara Panagiotidis | Higher! Higher!