Official Video for Ruins | New Album out in Feb 2021

Dressed in noir, electronic pop hues and atmospheric textures, here’s our New Single “Ruins”, specially made for a dark disco dancefloor. Ruins is the Lead single of Marva Von Theo’s upcoming second album Afterglow, which is going to be released in February 2021

Marva reveals about the meaning of the lyrics:

“I am this person who constantly chooses changing her life and making new beginnings over compromising to unfitting situations. There were times when it became crystal clear that I needed to start over from a blank page and everything around me shouted towards that direction. There were flickering stars that paved the way and signs brighter than day that were impossible to ignore, an intrinsic desire and flame that could not be tamed unless I did start over.

However, what my risky decisions, mistakes and the numerous unexpected adventures I found myself in, taught me along the way is that there are no new destinations, no magical places where you can actually be freed from your past, unless you change your inner self. However far one may try to run, he will always have to face the same old mistakes, the same “ruins”. That’s what this song is about.”

The Official Video, directed by John Karabelas and choreographed by Antonis Sporidis, presents the lead singer delivering the lyrics with a preaching attitude, while the dancers’ Ancient-Greek-Chorus-inspired performance surrounds her and constitutes the embodiment of her consciousness.