Ta Toy Boy w/MVT Live at Death Disco – Review

Christos Michos (Tospitimetaparaxena blog and Radio Show) attended our recent Live with Ta Toy Boy at Death Disco in Athens and here’s a translated excerpt from his Live Review. (Find the whole Review in Greek here!)

“Marva Von Theo played five new songs out of their upcoming Album, together with various songs from their Debut Album “Dream within a Dream” and seemed to be a step ahead of their sound. The duo claims that the overall impression of their second album will be much darker and, what I instantly noticed was that, they seem rather disengaged from downtempo norms and are heading towards a more personal sound.   .    

I can’t deny that I was able to relate to their new sound, which felt familiar at the first listening, and found myself  attracted by its flawless structure (which is very close to its final stage according to MVT). MVT’s development sounded very positive at this first presentation. It’s logical not to reach to any conclusions before listening to the whole album but still, it’s very important to feel with certainly that one more high quality recording is in front of us.

The songs out of their Debut Album, sounded better than ever and generally I couldn’t get bored of their appearance, not even for a second!”