Afterglow (2021)

The new album is [ ] More mature, wilder, darker, with more new paths in their explorations given in a pure and fearless way at the final structure. Warm applause from me!!!

Mike D. | WhiteLight-WhiteHeat (IT) – Also included in Loud Cities Magazine

… with jazz and experimental dance genres making their presence felt alongside more classic synth sounds for an intelligent musical statement with passionate vocals and considered arrangements.”

Chi Ming Lai | The Electricity Club (UK)

The overarching feeling from this record is that the people who made it could turn their hands to the majority of styles, including more commercial compositions. What they have opted to create is something that feels authentic, powerful and with a starkness that feels perfect for this particular reflective moment in time.

Amy Britton | Louder than War (UK)

One thing I’ve realised is just how good Marva Von Theo are at layering their music, there is always so much to hear in each track that makes these pieces as stunning as they are.

Teri Woods | Moths and Giraffes (UK)
Track by Track Review and in-depth Interview with the band

If I had to describe them in one sentence I would choose the following: “As if Eurythmics had joined Ladytron and the production had been signed by Martin Hannett”.

translated excerpt | George Xifaras, (GR)

We must admit that the singer has a fleshy and sensual voice, so precise that her singing so lively makes us feel as if we are seeing the notes of her score dancing with great grace.

translated excerpt | Bertrand Hamonou, Prémonition (FR)

Not your average dark pop album, but artistic and idiosyncratic pop avant-garde with a dark halo.

translated excerpt | Kurt Ingels, Dark Entries (BE)

Excellent vocals of an ethereal recording and a unique vocal timbre. Sometimes they lure you into the mythical feeling of a story with a sweet ending and other times they become bittersweet, aggressive, to awaken you, leading you to new unprecedented streets of music pentagram.

translated excerpt | DreaMachinery, Print Magazine: City Press Thessaloniki

You will remember them for their elegance, their noir environment, their fullness as compositions and their emotional clarity.

translated excerpt | Christos Michos – Tospitimetaparaxena (GR)

Marva’s voice puts a stamp on every song. It changes moods, diffuses from art pop to post punk expressions. You admire her in the melodic Embrace This Madness, you rejoice in her tricks of Somewhere Safe.”

translated excerpt | Maria Markouli (GR)

“In their second LP, the Greek duo Marva Von Theo present an unusual mix of Cold Wave, Dark Pop, lyric-driven song with electronic wanderings. Melancholic features are dominant but MVT repeatedly succeed in conveying a rare diversity in their sound, by leading to seemingly modern directions. Many similar bands and duets may come to mind, but this “something” that makes Marva Von Theo stand out, cannot be easily ignored. Added to this, the complex structures of the songs as well as the flawless vocals that compose this exceptional music proposal. My pleasure.”

translated excerpt | Stephan Wolf, Sonic Seducer Print Magazine (DE)

… Marva Von Theo, open the palette of their basic synthpop “ease” and spread towards several directions of experimental electronica, dark wave and art pop”.

translated excerpt | Dimitris Kampouris – (GR)

The band’s dynamics extend equally to the 11 songs on the album, but” Room of Doubt “[…] stands out as the siege ram of an album, which finally consolidates Marva Von Theo in the highest ranks of the new underground scene.

translated excerpt | Mike Nikolitsis, To ypogeio (GR)
-also includes track by track analysis by the band-

…you get carried away by the energy, while the electronically experimental sound sways in the excessive, full of clarity, vocal ranges “

translated excerpt | Kiki Iliadou – (GR)

… in terms of essence and meaning, you can only admit that in ‘Afterglow’ some very good songs are heard, such as ‘Forever’, ‘Dissolve’, ones that stretch the senses like “Older ‘and others that could become a hit everywhere, like ‘Somewhere safe ‘

translated excerpt | Fontas Troussas – Diskoruxeion (GR)

The duo […] creates a literally adventurous environment from various sound structures. A typical example is the “Room of Doubt”, where every emotion is turned into music.

translated excerpt | Marie-Luise Henke, Print Magazine: Orkus (DE)

…there is need for a band like Marva Von Theo, a band that offers a different kind of dark pop. An equally attractive dark pop, less sexy and more mental, dreamy, melancholic

translated excerpt | System Failure (IT)

Afterglow is an experimental album, intelligently exploring sounds and making conscious and skillful use of different musical genres, which manage to coexist perfectly with each other.

translated excerpt | Irene Tempest, (IT)

Ruins [ ] “Dark, sophisticated electronic pop forms the foundation of their sound, moody and emotionally resonant, fronted by vocals that are drenched with smoky, yearning passion.”

Analogue Trash | UK

Ruins [ ] “The attention to detail and expert use of harmony and texture undoubtedly stem from the band members’ training and musical mastery.”

Chain DLK | UK

“The song (Forever) is a pulsing new-wave/synth-punk melody with infectious sci-fi beats overlaid with melancholic vocals, which fully captures the space-age spectral intent in its composition.”

Premiere on , DE

“On ‘Forever’, Greek dark synth songstress Marva Von Theo channelled the frantic tone of ‘River In Me’, the Anders Trentemøller’s collaboration with Jenny Vee of SAVAGES, into a great atmospheric art pop statement on redemption and eternity. A track from her upcoming second album ‘Afterglow’, with determined vocals and punchy beats, ‘Forever’ demonstrated, along with its singular follow-up ‘Ruins’, a significant artistic progression since her promising but unfulfilled debut long player ‘Dream Within A Dream’.”

Chi Ming Lai, The Electricity Club, UK

“Forever [ ] takes on big thoughts about life and eternity, but wraps them into an accessible synth pop gem that will stick in your head. Reminiscent of synthesizer pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre the track celebrates electronic music as a classic, energy-infused composition.”

Glamglare, US

«Από τα πιο ρυθμικά τραγούδια τους, [το “Forever”] διατηρεί τις σκοτεινές, αισθησιακές ατμόσφαιρες, όμως το πάει κι ένα βήμα πιο πέρα, δείχνοντας και την εξέλιξη στον ήχο τους».

Mixgrill, GR

“To δίδυμο επαναφέρει τις Ευρωπαϊκές του ρυθμικές και synth επιρροές και τις αναπτύσσει έτσι ώστε τα καλπάζοντα, χαμηλόσυχνα ρυθμικά μέρη και οι εξωτικές synth καλλιγραφίες του Theo να χτίζουν στη φαντασία μου ένα αστικό περιβάλλον με led και όχι neon φωτισμούς πια, καθαρούς, διαυγείς που χαρακτηρίζουν ένα ευχάριστο περιβάλλον χωρίς συγκεκριμένες χρονικές αναφορές. “

Tospitimetaparaxena , GR

Embrace this Madness [ ] “MVT blend their electronic sci-fi dreams with stunning electro flashes that eventually lead them to the core of the synthwave constellation”

Premiere on Noise Journal | Colorado US