One month before the official release of their second, full-length album Afterglow, Marva Von Theo share their most sentimental notions about the indefinite quest of love, in a poetic, animated video for their art pop – electronica – melodic house – techno – hybrid composition.

Love is such an empowering feeling, the driving force behind our actions and words, one that gives meaning to our very own existence. As soon as we allow love to grow, we also open a passage to the unbearable void that comes with the absence of it.  The composition is structured in four distinctive chapters: an emotive instrumental introduction, the melodic dawn of love, the fading light and the immersion into the dominant subconscious.

about afterglow_

Afterglow encompasses the more melancholic hues of life, those bittersweet feelings when something significantly beautiful ends, the echo of a beloved voice, the remnants of light after the sun has set. Love and its loss, sorrow, hope, daydream, and the determination to live, all these shimmer upon Marva Von Theo’s deep and poetic lyrics, which constitute the core of this album.

In Afterglow, Marva Von Theo contrive a danceable, electronic sound, shadowed elegantly by noir, moody, sonic palettes, an unconventional space that flows vigorously between Electronica, Art Pop, Dark pop, Neo-Synthpop, Darkwave, Post-Punk, Contemporary and Jazz.

Marva Von Theo have shared four singles out of Afterglow, the dark disco Ruins, the stunning sci-fi ballad Embrace this Madness, the vibrant, new-wave synth-punk Forever , and Love, a poetic art pop – melodic house hybrid composition. Watch here!

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