New Video: Marva Von Theo Live at Death Disco (Part I) – “Dead In Berlin”

Hello Friends! We are very happy to finally share with you the first video from our recent Live at Death Disco, in Athens. Our Song “Dead in Berlin”, which will be included in our Debut Album, is a melancholic, yet powerful ballad, which encompasses many characteristics of our music. Our dark synthesizer sounds and melodies derive from the 80’s but introduce a definitely modern vocabulary, a canvas on which the vocals can unfold their expressive nature.

The lyrics of this song describe a man, constantly failing to fulfill his dreams. He is so overwhelmed with disappointment but also completely incapable of finding his strength to recover. The grey and rainy Berlin, symbolizes the numb scenery of his inner self and the climax of the song, the refrain, is definitely his cry for redemption.

Dead In Berlin | Lyrics

Watch me dousing and falling,
Chasing dreams and crawling on your desert streets

Choices taunt me and block my way
They lie and lurk to watch me pay and get abased

Rain can’t free my filthy mind
Rain just bears a sea of flames inside of me

Shout or whisper I should leave
Numb and soulless, I’m dead in Berlin



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