Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉! This is a live video from our last performance for 2017 at ΙΛΙΟΝ plus! Our view of a love song, called “Cream”…


Deep in my desires we coexist
In a shameless song I cannot resist

In sound, I taste your manic air
That excites my thought more than I can bare

In silence, I sense the groaning hell
That my twisted mind has set aflame

Away from me my inhibitions rest
In my illusive room I’ll wait undressed

Slip and slide in my deadly cream
Under the bending lights of neon dream
Red passion, violet pleasure and blue pain
My noisy instincts can’t be tamed

My hunger will be satisfied bit by bit
As you inspire the very beast of me

Tonight, you’ll be my only prey
In my moist kisses you will gently decay…


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