Forever is the second single Marva Von Theo unveil from their upcoming sophomore studio album Afterglow, set for release in Autumn of 2020.

It’s a vibrant and melodic new-wave, synth punk tune with touches of indie pop, featuring dreamy, melancholic vocals over grainy textures and detuned sci-fi synth lines.

“Forever” Premiered on on Friday 19.06. Read more here.

Available on all Digital Platforms. Links here.

Lyrically the song is an ode to time and the end of it, as the final act unfolds towards redemption and eternity. While pursuing a better understanding of the meaning of life, the lyrics also consider the sensory experience, probing the source of every pain and strife experienced in life. The exile of being ends with the return of the heroine to eternity, the silence of her loud ambitions and the finding of absolute peace. 

The title of their upcoming album “Afterglow” has several meanings and extensions relating to MVT’s work and personal lives and was used in its more melancholic hues to express these bittersweet feelings when something significantly beautiful ends, that being a relationship, an experience, a certain life stage etc. Marva Von Theo took their time with this album in order to dive deeper into each and every sound they contrived, to further expand their sonic palette, to redefine their vision, and to find the balance between pop and experimental synth music, between poetry and songwriting, between reality and dream. In December 2020, Marva Von Theo also shared their first single, a stunning sci-fi ballad called “Embrace this Madness”